Every Friday


Doors open at 18:45

We dance from 19:00 to 22:00

Ticket at the door €24

Cash only

Online tickets: €25



Ecstatic Dance

is a 2.5-hour dance journey, in which we move/dance however we wish. No steps are required, and no talking is allowed. Simply dance.

The evening will be opened by our master of ceremony with a short introduction of our guidelines and a physical warming up. The dance itself (2 hours) is led by one of our DJ’s, after which the evening is closed with a special momentum.

The Dance journey has several “waves” of intensity, from strong expressive up to silent and meditative. A perfect example of the ups and downs of life. Tea and water are provided, and we end the evening with fruits.

Ecstatic is being danced all over the world and we all share the passion to bring more depth onto the dancefloor and into your lives. The guidelines of “shoeless, speechless, and boozeless” create the contours so this can happen.
Ecstatic Dance Utrecht


Ecstatic Dance DJ’s

Esta Polyesta

De Nachtpapegaai

Martyn Zij

Nykkyo Energy DJ

Yarun Dee


Regular price: €24 at the door – €25 online
Ecstatic Dance Utrecht has NO PIN option, CASH ONLY at the door. In case you are not able to join, there is no refund and no rescheduling possible.


With Specials like the Ayahuasca, Outdoor or Cacao editions, the entrance fee might differ and/or online tickets only.


  • Move however you wish
  • Barefeet & Sober
  • No talking/whispering on the dancefloor
  • Respect yourself and one another
  • Bring your own cup for tea and water


Ecstatic Dance has it’s home at Bar-Beton in Rijnsweerd, Pythagoraslaan 101, 3584 BB Utrecht

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