SATURDAY: Ayahuasca Special

1 februari 2020 @ 18:45 – 22:00
Ecstataic Dance Utrecht
Pythagoraslaan 101
Lale Freie

This evening we will do a dance ceremony with the frequency of
????Ayahuasca???? Nykkyo Energy DJ, already known for playing Subtle Energies, will infuse the music with Ayahuasca Frequencies among other Subtle Energies. Marcoleon, Lale, the healing crew and Nykkyo will guide you on a journey through the shamanic and spiritual landscapes of Ayahuasca and your own inner Self.

(NB: no ayahuasca is served, only through frequency, music & ceremony)
more info I


• Door closes at 20:00 – We start this journey together and we end this together.
• Stay in the dancing space at all times, no talking what so ever.
• DO NOT LEAVE BEFORE THE END – don’t break the healing process, the frequencies are created in such a way that the complete cycle creates harmony.
• Limited space, to be sure buy your ticket online.
• We have a great and experienced team supporting you and the field we are all part of, in need of help we are there for you.

Bar Beton Rijnsweerd
Pythagoraslaan 101 (Pyth gebouw)
3584 BB Utrecht

Online tickets €24
At the door €27

Behind the Bar Beton building in the Galileïlaan at the left hand side. The only way to get there is via Biltsestraatweg/Archimedeslaan. Walk to the middle of the Galileilaan and just before the barrier (slagboom) turn to the main parking to walk to Bar Beton.

Or – when standing in front of Bar Beton – take the left parking entrance with “welkom bij de sterren” written above. Drive while following the white arrow on the floor to the left. After 20 meters there’s an almost unseen bridge on your right hand side, cross over and you’ll arrive at the other side of the Galileïlaan. Parking on both sides.

Above the ramp next to the entrance of Bar Beton €2,50 an hour.
Under the Bar Beton building for €1,50 an hour.
For both these options you need you bank card in order to open the barriers.

Ecstatic Dance Guidelines

• Move however you wish
• We’re dancing on bare feet
• No talking, instead communicating through dance
• Respect yourself and one another

Ecstatic Dance is a safe haven, not a hunting ground, refrain from sexual acts.
We have a keep-your-shirt-on policy.
Ecstatic Dance is a Drug & Alcohol Free Space
Please also refrain from photos, video & scents.
Leave your valuables at home.

With the kind blessings of Ecstatic Dance San Fransisco

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