De DJ’s en LIVE Band



She creates a party with Global Beats and Ethno House. She is well known for her World Music and Balkan Beats sets, but because of her love for electronic music, she truly enjoys merging beats with ethnic music into a funky feel-good mix.
She blends music from Africa, Asia, Middle East, Latin America and Europe like there are no borders, connecting cultures and people in dance. Esta’s style is flowing and feminine, uplifting and fun. “Dance is a celebration.”



Mixing music, sounds and landscapes from all directions into a magical blend. Diving into a variety of moods, melodies and rhythms with the intention of stretching up your musical vocabulary, awareness and consciousness. Mixing music that moves you inside and outside for connecting and sharing in movement and soul expressions. Experience diversity in all the musical aspects that will reach, reflect and teach you how multi-layered and beautiful you are. Making you shine, rise, open and find your place here and now in this shape and space.


An energetic musical experience: therapeutical DJ set by healer, therapist, DJ and producer using several analog, digital and quantum techniques.
DNA Activation or aura & karma clearings through resonance, subtle frequencies, brainwaves, nature sounds, scents of essences, God-Source scalar wave coding, projections and music.
It is a complete new healing technique which is fun and heart opening, bringing you back to now. Opening yourself to your full potential. This is an experience where all senses are used, even on a quantum level!


The music Yarun Dee plays is a fusion of electronic music mixed with shamanic, tribal and oriëntal sounds from around the planet. The feeling on the dance floor is spacious and grounding at the same time. Subtile and compelling melodies, strong and earthy beats. Rhythms that make your body want to dance, your mind to become silent and your spirit to expand.

In the past several years he has been a resident at Odessa and Club Lite in Amsterdam. Where he played at conscious events like Ecstatic Dance, The Chocolate Club, Tantric Dance and Shine. Playing at Ecstatic Dances throughout The Netherlands and Europe. Right now he also is a resident at Ecstatic Dance Utrecht and Ecstatic Dance Odessa.

ECSTATIC LIVE with Dragonfly

Ecstatic LIVE provides a unique musical mix that makes the body want to move by healing sounds & dynamic percussive rhythms. The music of Ecstatic LIVE transforms people in their state of BEING. Carried by musicians who tune into the dancers with what is present in the moment. Not thinking about how you want to dance but FEELING what’s present to move in your body.

The music is uplifting followed by calm music, or vice versa, alternately ecstatic, wild, calm, melodious and moving. Sounds that transform you, discovering your true nature through movement, fluent and daring to be free with what IS. No performance is the same. The music comes from the magical combination of many different musicians and instruments.

Ignas te Wiel – Percussion & Vocals
Dymphi Peeters –  Vocals & Kora, flutes and more
Boudine Slobbe – Drums & Percussion
Freek Zwanenberg – Keyboard & Harmonica

Ceremonial leader: Marcoleon Baas

Marcoleon with his background as a Chinese Doctor and working in the Sjamanic field for 15 years has the capacity to warm the group and guide them to receive the LIVE music. In this ceremony he uses his drum and guitar as instruments.