Ecstatic Dance Utrecht Team



My wife Lale Freie and myself are the founders of Ecstatic Dance Utrecht. For me, Ecstatic Dance is a community place where we share our dance without knowing the other through words. In the dance we have a direct access to all aspects of life. I work as a Manager and a Ceremonial leader at Ecstatic Dance.

My background is Chinese Medicine and Shamanism. My specialities are Chinese Herbs, acupuncture and massage. I’ve been having a practice for 14 years in Utrecht. I am a musician, I write songs and I have the capacity to free groups of people who feel blocked by life.  en


I have been learning and working in the field of theatre, dance and personal development for the last 25 years. The accumulated life lessons enable me to lovingly peel away our layers of defense, through movement (dance), inquiry, sharp observation and trusting my strong spirit. Together with my husband MarcoleĆ³n Baas I’m on a devoted path of healing. This through organizing Festivals, creating and giving workshops on dance, masks, body release, partner training, inquiry (Almaas) and so much more.

Our Ecstatic Dance in Utrecht is one of those beautiful means that enhance the quality of life. We dance for joy, for physical and mental rehabilitation, for authentic communication and for celebrating being together. During the Ecstatic evenings in Utrecht you can see me everywhere and as a floormanager or Ceremony Leader.