Ecstatic Dance


Ecstatic is a worldwide phenomenon
we all share the passion to bring more depth onto the dancefloor and into your lives.

Dance is Magic

Among one of the first Ecstatic Dances in the Netherlands, Ecstatic Dance Utrecht has been dancing every Friday since 2014. Ever since the first dance, the focus is on delivering the best experience, every dance again.

Under the inspired guidance of the couple Lale – with roots in Dance/Theatre & Neo shamanism and Marcoleon – Chinese Medicine & Neo shamanism, the dancefloor becomes a sacred space.
With the best DJ’s, a solid team of Space holders and a beautiful mix of dancers, we strive for a truly safe space.

“Ecstatic” is not only a trancelike state of delight, it also means breaking free from stasis. In this sense, and as we see it, dance is medicine. In Utrecht, we provide the space where we can deepen our experience. Moments of catharsis, insights, and prayer are common parts of the evening.

Ecstatic Dance Utrecht
Ecstatic Dance Utrecht

The key ingredients are

*Sober Dancing

*No speaking



*No photo/filming

A mini retreat of 2,5 hours

So, what do we actually do?
Every Friday we move freely within a Dance journey of 2,5 hours. Move however we wish, No steps required; no talking allowed. Simply Dance.

The evening starts with loving guidance of our ceremony leader – a short introduction of our guidelines and a physical warming up of about 30 minutes.
The DJ seamlessly takes over for the 2-hour Dance.
The evening is closed with a special momentum by our Ceremony leader.


The Dance journey has several “waves” of intensity, from strong expressive up to silent and meditative and anything in between. The music is carefully selected by the DJ’s and aims to please & tease.
Tea and water are provided, and we end the evening with fruits.

Ecstatic Dance Guidelines

• Move however you wish
• Barefoot & Sober
• No talking/whispering on the dancefloor
• Respect yourself and one another
ecstatic dance Utrecht

– Ecstatic Dance Utrecht is a safe haven not a hunting ground.
– Please refrain from sexual acts.
– Dancers are free from intoxications.
– Phones, SmartWatches and bags are not allowed in the Dance space
– Keep your body covered, we have a Keep-Your-Shirt-On policy. (Sport) Bra’s are not allowed
– Leave your valuables at home and please be aware that strong scents might cause aversion.

To maintain a safe environment, we might ask you to leave the dance if the guidelines are not adhered to.

Any person who participates in events provided by Ecstatic Dance Utrecht shall do so at his/her own risk. He/she shall assume all risks involved, including but not limited to all loss or stolen property, cost, claim, injury, damage, or liability sustained while participating. Ecstatic Dance Utrecht will not be held liable for any misfortune that may occur.

By paying the entrance fee, you are agreeing to the above and certifying that you are in good health.